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Sluggy URLs

Converts text strings to URL friendly, machine-friendly format. Adds hyphens, replaces some characters and converts to all lowercase.

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CSS Cursor Properties

List of CSS Cursor Properties

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Base64 Encode of 1x1px Transparent GIF

Just in case you need one. You can stretch it out to fill space as needed.

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Get the last day of the month

If you do not have 4.xx yet here is a simple way to get the last day of the month. You can replace the current date with a var to find …

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Pure css drop-down box using a hidden check box

Need more than one drop-down box on your page, remember to create a unique id for the check box and label[for]. To get this to work in …

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PHP Date/Time to Time Ago

PHP function to convert a Timestamp to a Time Ago.

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Ellipse-ify text to a specific length

PHP function to ellipse-ify text to a specific length.

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PHP/jQuery Alert Messages with FontAwesome

These are one of my favorite Alert Type messages. I use them in just about every project I create. You will need to include the jQuery …

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A really simple responsive background image

If you'd like a responsive background image that scales down with the window size but won't scale past 100% of the source image's width you …

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